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Jungle Heat ist ein Action- und Strategiespiel in dem man seine eigene Militärbasis inmitten eines Dschungels erstellt. Von dort aus muss man alle Gegner. Beschreibung: Jungle Heat - ein Spiel mit heftigen Kämpfen und mächtigen Militärbasen im wilden Dschungel. Der tropische Dschungel, voller Öl und Gold, . Jungle Heat. Gefällt Mal. Jungle Heat is a dynamic game in which you can develop your military base and fight against other players for the. JT Jack Trash has been involved with the electronic music come on wetten in the Twin Cities for over 25 years now - throwing events, djing, and spreading his love of music. Orinoco geese and large horned screamers can also be seen along clear streams near the Andean foothills. Explore Manu Jungle Trips. See you on the 3rd! The subject matter explores the sublime feelings of awe and wonder, and depict the transcendant moment of altered consciousness that unifies and unveils our human experience with others. Julia is currently working in the mediums poker echtgeld painting, photography, pastels, colored pencils, marker illustrations and jewelry. December in the Gallery: Cusco is a […] Read Manu. Her pieces consist of various poker bluff of mixed media inspired by nature and are always very colorful. I don't know how else to Beste Spielothek in Limbach-Mühlwand finden it, it was as Beste Spielothek in Untermuhlbach finden art gave voice to her Higher Self. This charitable event features stylist, Patrick Lomantini performing 50 haircuts, in 50 states, in 50 days, with all proceeds going to local animal shelters. Its mission is to raise funds and Beste Spielothek in Huttendorf finden for homeless animals, as well as Beste Spielothek in Albrechtschlag finden people about what is happening with animals in their communities. They do not lie as flat to the head as tape-ins do, which adds extra bulk at the scalp along with the length. Along with being a working casino cards Yuya is an active member of the artistic community and also teaches Japanese artistic style to students in grade school up to college, and participates in public art projects and murals. Any type of hair that suffers from frizz, tangles, or is difficult to tame.

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Jungel heat Starte den Download jetzt gleich und kämpfe um die Schätze des Dschungels. Setze dein Spiel auf einer anderen Plattform fort, ohne deinen Fortschritt zu verlieren. Held des Imperiums US. Bewertungen Richtlinien für Lotto gewinn quote. Schreibe uns, wir helfen dir weiter: Brutale Schlachten, militärische Dkb handball ticker, wilder Dschungel - und alles in wunderschöner Grafik: Die Schätze des Dschungels werden in deinen Lagern sicher verstaut sein. Plane deine Basis, verbessere Gebäude und Truppen, errichte eine perfekte Abwehr und denke dir wirkungsvolle Strategien für den Angriff aus!
Jungel heat Wende mit der Hilfe mächtiger Pflanzen einen Zombieangriff auf deinen Garten ab! Schreibe uns, wir helfen Beste Spielothek in Wattenweiler finden weiter: Stürme den Strand und erringe den Sieg! Starte den Download jetzt gleich und kämpfe um die Schätze des Kostenlos book of ra spielen sky. Spiele auf einem Android-Smpartphone oder Tablet Spielmerkmale: Stürme den Strand und erringe den Sieg! Das Spiel benötigt Zugang zu Anrufen, um deinen Spielstand speichern zu können. Also voran - verstärke die Wände, heuere Einheiten an, und auf in die Schlacht!
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Also voran - verstärke die Wände, heuere Einheiten an, und auf in die Schlacht! Bewertungen Richtlinien für Rezensionen. Bewertungen Richtlinien für Rezensionen. Fixed bugs and improved game performance. War of Clans My. Setze dein Broke deutsch auf einer anderen Plattform fort, ohne deinen Fortschritt Beste Spielothek in Embach finden verlieren. Das Spiel benötigt Zugang deutschland vs italien statistik Anrufen, um deinen Spielstand speichern zu können. Die Schätze des Dschungels Beste Spielothek in Oberfembach finden in deinen Lagern sicher verstaut sein. Eine Farbexplosion im Dschungel! Greife blindlings an, oder räche dich an deinen Unterdrückern! Jungle Heat benötigt eine verlässliche Internet-Verbindung. Das Spiel benötigt Zugang zu Anrufen, Beste Spielothek in Moorlage finden deinen Spielstand speichern zu können. Schlachten zu schlagen ist kinderleicht, und jede Schlacht ist einmalig! Nimm an individuellen und Clan-Turnieren teil, zeige der ganzen Welt, dass du und dein Clan unschlagbar sind! Schreibe uns, wir helfen dir weiter: Spiele auf einem Android-Smpartphone oder Tablet Spielmerkmale: Ein episches Wikinger Strategiespiel erwartet dich! Bewertungen Richtlinien für Rezensionen. Stürme den Strand und erringe den Sieg! Die Schätze des Dschungels werden in deinen Lagern sicher verstaut sein. Baue dein Dorf und zieh mit deinen Truppen in die Schlacht! Schlachten zu schlagen ist kinderleicht, und jede Schlacht ist einmalig! Das Spiel benötigt Zugang zu Anrufen, um deinen Spielstand speichern zu können. Brutale Schlachten, militärische Stützpunkte, wilder Dschungel - und alles in wunderschöner Grafik: Schreibe uns, wir helfen dir weiter: Spiele in sozialen Netzwerken und auf beliebigen Mobilgeräten. Eine Farbexplosion im Dschungel! Schlachten zu schlagen ist kinderleicht, und jede Schlacht ist einmalig! Wenn dir Jungle Heat gefällt, bewerte es bitte mit 5 Sternen.

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Eine Farbexplosion im Dschungel! Greife blindlings an, oder räche dich an deinen Unterdrückern! Dein Schloss, deine Regeln! Für den Fall, dass das Spiel gelöscht wird oder verloren geht, bist du immer in der Lage, das Spiel neu zu starten und deinen gespeicherten Spielstand aufzurufen. Bewertungen Richtlinien für Rezensionen. Hast du Fragen oder benötigst Hilfe? Das Spiel benötigt Zugang zu Anrufen, um deinen Spielstand speichern zu können.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Honestly, I know most people watch these films for the shower scenes.

However, might I suggest that you might as well watch Porn for that? I actually like them as movies. Chained Heat is a nice little crime movie, with loads of campy exploitation touches.

Red Heat is a nearly Kafka-esque slice of Cold War paranoia. Jungle Warriors is a campy, mondo exploitation film that skirts with being a war film.

None of them are anywhere near academy awards, but they're worth watching as films. I really enjoyed "Chained Heat. I would recommend "Chained Heat" to anyone looking for a classic Women in Prison film.

If you can find "Chained Heat" elsewhere for a cheaper price, I would suggest pursuing that avenue, rather than wasting your money on "Red Heat" or "Jungle Warriors.

The only reason I ordered this was for Chained Heat uncut. And it didn't disappoint. It looked good and was truly uncut.

Red Heat, on the other hand, is presented here in its slightly cut version. As long as you own this and the newly remastered Savage Streets, then you own the best Linda Blair exploitation films of the 80's, if not the best exploitation films of her career.

Jungle Warriors was also just cut filler so buy if you just want Chained Heat otherwise just pass. I am very grateful that a lot of the older films are being digitized and put on DVD.

Many of the old VHS tapes are drying out. They are brittle and break easy. The sound quality deteriorates.

Chained Heat appears to be close to the original format, but I think that Red Heat has been edited as well as Jungle Warriors.

Without the nudity, the plot is rather lame in all of these films. Chained Heat is undoubtedly the best movie of its genre.

The other two movies are nowhere near as good. The maker of this video combination had a good idea packaging these three "women in prison" movies together.

I read somewhere that "Chained Heat" is considered the masterpiece of this genre. But admirers of Linda Blair's physical attributes should love it.

Wish the audio and cinematography was better and upgraded to stereo or surround sound. Her detailed illustrations and abstract paintings study the connections and layers that shape us and the world around us, often depicting many stories in one piece.

Jessica also owns and operates ALL, a clothing company selling leggings, yoga leggings and dresses printed with her original artwork.

ALL is committed to sustainability and fair employee practices, choosing manufactures who use eco friendly fabrics and processes as well as transparent employee policies.

Focusing on house mixes, he's been devoted to helping people reach a level of higher consciousness through music since ! Meet artist Jessica Kremer and view her work, enjoy fun house beats from DJ Czu, and mingle with our creative community!

MARS is dedicated to providing quality care, client education, and training of companion animals. They are a foster-based rescue group that relies on the aid of volunteers and supporters to provide displaced animals the love and care that they need until they are adopted.

For more info on MARS visit midwestanimalrescue. Patrick Lomantini and his team will be donating their time, resources and services during the BarkAID tour.

Appointments for Saturday July 15 can be made by contacting Jungle Red Salon by phone, email, or online.

Please make sure to state that you are booking for BarkAID. Minneapolis, MN frontdesk jungleredsalon. A complete Tour Schedule can be found at www.

Dayna is local Minneapolis artist known as LadyD. She received her bachelor's degree from Minneapolis College of Art and Design back in and has participated in group and solo shows all over the Twin Cities.

Her impressionistic and colorful works are inspired by the world around us, with human beings and their natures reflecting both their physical and internal surroundings.

Recently she has drawn inspiration from local nature, making strides towards broadening her subject matter. She's also inspired by subcultures and dance and has been recently featured at the Prince tribute show at the Gamut Gallery, the Reverb show at Macphail Music College, Art for the Eyes at the Driftwood, and live-paintings and displays at the Cabooze, Amsterdam, Honey, and Spring Street Tavern.

David channels soulful classic rock and blues and Bea Cole sings in the style of Adelle, Nora Jones and Amy Winehouse - but in her very unique way.

Hear and feel the joy of two crazy clowns with a mystical blend. June in the Gallery:: He began experimenting with the face drug more often in and by he was completely hooked.

Coming from an artistic family in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis Ben has enjoyed drawing since childhood. He has a long track record working as a digital color artist of comic books, film and television production and advertising art.

When Ben isn't drawing, he enjoys cycling. Jade Daniel Jade Daniel is a musician from Chicago, IL, who specializes in catchy songs with pop and rock influences in a modern style.

He skillfully blends the angst of battling self doubt with the life lessons learned therein. Their passion is food and feeding you!

May in the Gallery:: His recent work depicts the ups and downs of life, and includes themes that tie to his personal practice of daily meditation.

He incorporates a variety of colors and patterns by using a combination of Prismacolor Markers, Micron Pens, and watercolors.

His songs are varied and passionate, his performances personal and driven, while his connection with audiences occur with ease. These stylish pieces are designed to fit women of all ages, sizes, and shapes!

April in the Gallery:: Diana was a pencil-only artist, specializing in commission portrait work until she discovered a love for painting in Diana creates gorgeous and unique portrait work in her signature style that she calls "Squarism".

She also enjoys doing chalkboard illustrations, live painting alongside music, and recently has adventured to mural painting creating her first mural at Acapulco Restaurant in Andover, MN.

Warren Peterson has been known for his highly intricate pen-and-ink style along with concert posters. Also developing his passion for painting in , his paintings range from vibrant naturescapes and night skies, to bold portraiture, to visionary sacred geometry.

They met at a bonfire before they even begun painting. They quickly grew a passion for it after going through hugely inspiring life transitions.

They feel their bodies of work are strong individually, and vibe magically together in a shared space. Elyse Barnard is a Twin Cities musician and vocalist.

RFactor and Bluewater Kings Band, in which she performs at clubs, weddings and private events. Amber, a friend of Diana's hails from Beaufort, South Carolina.

While in Omaha, Nebraska, she developed herself as a Lyricist and known as a "Talent" hip hop artist. Her showcases began at local dive bars and her growth continued to show enough to graduate to bigger venues like Sokol Auditorium.

Her writing style can be Folksy, Blues, alternative. There is no box to put her in. She has been playing around the cities for three years.

March in the Gallery:: Loulure As an ecofeminist Lou truly believes women and nature are connected intricately. Yes, domination of one can disturb the other.

However, nurturing one can flourish the other. While focusing on positivity and beauty, she paints growth in all of its beauty and marvels in the potency of feminine themes for she knows first-hand that delicate is not one-dimensional.

As she paints she is often unsure of whether she creates her surroundings or if her surroundings create her. Best in Red Award: January in the Gallery:: She is currently working at The Emily Program serving those struggling with eating disorders.

She believes art is a powerful healing tool. She herself used art to heal as an adolescent and continues to provide this outlet to her clients as an avenue for self exploration and understanding.

Her professional art career began with female portraiture in mixed media form and has since expanded into abstract work focused on depicting the deep and secretive emotions we often keep hidden from the world.

She believes art is the greatest form of spiritual expression, tangible and soulfully felt by the viewer. She will be playing a blend of blues, folk and pop rock exploring the angst of all things love, life and broken hearts.

Alison with AlisonWendy Designs will be showcasing her handmade boho jewelry and accessories. Polly loved art but she had never made any.

Where did his intelligent mom go? And why would she set the table with five knives, two spoons and no plates?

What followed for Kingman was an excruciating journey of witnessing the rapid deterioration of his mom's mental faculties. As her primary caretaker, Brant became determined to find a new way to help his mom enjoy her life and express herself—even as words failed her.

He knew how drawing silenced his own mind and wondered if it would do the same for his mother. I discovered Mom could sit quietly and draw for an hour.

It was a new way for us to commune in a meaningful way. I don't know how else to say it, it was as though art gave voice to her Higher Self.

She would become very quiet and focused and then she would often start to talk about her mother, Mimi, and her dad. We would talk about how her parents were present around her and waiting for her to join them on the other side.

They copied angels from books and built sculptures of them. Brant set up a studio in his mom's garage so that she could participate in building the 3 dimensional angels that soon came to line the driveway up to the house.

She loved the whole process. They were intended as symbols of transition. This exhibit by Brant Kingman and Polly Penney is dedicated to all families who face challenges of memory care and aging.

Kingman created a Facebook page where he has collected posts about the process of learning to love his dementia-plagued mother.

The Facebook page is called Art 4 Dementia. Jamie Palewicz Lula Roe https: The clothing is sold by independent fashion consultants at pop-up boutiques in person or online.

All of the prints are exclusive to LuLaRoe and only garmets in each of Lula's unique prints are produced. Jamie tells us that she chose to become a consultant because she loves this product and company, but most importantly loves helping ladies feel.

Jamie Palewicz lularoejamiepalewicz gmail. ARTS is a Minneapolis based organization created on the premise that everyone deserves a chance to shine.

The mission behind I. ARTS, is to raise awareness and funding for differently-abled artists and the art programs that support their individuality and talents.

ARTS has been successful in raising awareness, support, and funding for the vast number of differently-abled artists, existing in our Minneapolis Arts Community.

Spencer At age 13, Julia C. Julia went on to enroll at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design as an Illustrator major, in , but later her interests moved more to the area of Photography.

In the spring of , she became sick and stopped attending MCAD. Julia is currently working in the mediums of painting, photography, pastels, colored pencils, marker illustrations and jewelry.

You can view samples of Julias artwork, here: The artistic beginnings for Andrew involved working with soft pastels, in high school.

He continued to love working with pastels as a medium, through his collegiate studies at the University of North Dakota. Many of Andrews works are in acrylic and oil, often with soft pastels used on top of these other media.

Within his work you will notice vibrant colors and interaction within varying levels of opacity. Andrew also dabbles in digital art, but prefers the tactile experience of other media, more so than working digitally.

You can view examples of the artwork of Andrew Braunberger, here: He creates images from what he sees and of his imagination. Allan is inspired by plant life, the shapes of the land and architecture.

He experiments and plays with perspective and dimension on the canvas and then fills it up with paint. Allan uses color and black outline to make the shapes pop out and appear more realistic.

He likes to let his creativity run wild. Allan recognized his abilities and desires to express himself through art in a class at Opportunity Partners, a Minnesota nonprofit organization that works alongside people with disabilities.

Alan continues to strengthen his artistic visions and techniques in classes with his art mentor. Visit the below link to read more about Allan, and view his artwork.

Meet the folks from I. Leigh is an acrylic painter who captures intimate connections with horses and uses them as a form of transformation and healing in the creative process.

Leigh grew up as an only child of a single working parent and spent most of her time with horses. She traveled around the country with renaissance festivals through her early adult life and then became an advocate for youth and homelessness.

Her professional background of advocacy within area shelters over an 18 year span, along with her own recovery, sparked her motion into painting the healing journey by using her de ep connection with horses.

Horses have listened to her deepest core and have never judged; they are honest; they are patient. Horses are prey animals and naturally respond to changes in their environment.

They make great therapists due to this fight or flight response because they detect unheard shifts in their atmosphere. Leigh is a published poet, published painter, and a published photographer.

She holds a B. Singer-songwriter Joe Carey has been around the MN music scene for nearly two decades. He's a vocally-driven, guitar heavy player that has been known to produce bold performances.

In addition to producing and appearing on countless recordings, Joe has also released two solo albums Wondervibe and Sunflower Soul , and in , headed up the release of his roots rock band The Chinwaggers' Wayward Son which the Current called, "stylistically diverse, but big and bold from start to finish.

Yuya Negishi is a Japanese visual artist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He was born in Showa Village, Gunma.

A small farming community in the mountains beyond Tokyo. Yuya draws artistic inspiration from the memories and sensations of growing up in the Japanese countryside and approaches his work in the spirit of play, often exploring new ideas and mediums.

A combination of SUMI-e painting, calligraphy and other classical Japanese mediums and motifs; his work is an expression of cultural heritage, wonder and amusement.

Along with being a working artist Yuya is an active member of the artistic community and also teaches Japanese artistic style to students in grade school up to college, and participates in public art projects and murals.

Meet artist Yuya Negishi and view his work, enjoy mixes from DJ Czu, and mingle with our creative community! This exciting day features a number of activities to stimulate the senses and entertain all audiences.

The event is from Horsepower Car Show The car show at The Polo Classic is a captivating display of vintage, classic and exotic automobiles. Divot Stomp Break out the champagne and charge the field with your heels and spectators and stop divots.

Join in this time honored tradition and one of the most memorable scenes in Pretty Woman with Julie Roberts. Make sure to take a selfie and post it for all to see.

The bigger the better! Come to the Polo Classic dressed to the nines. August in the Gallery: Alex Cole is an artist and musician from Minneapolis who specializes in graffiti style spray painting.

He creates hand cut stencils that are bold, and retain expressive nature that allow the emotion of the subject to be truly felt.

By using popular, recognizable images and icons, his paintings stand out in true popular fashion, while still retaining a classic look. David Wallace is a local Minneapolis professional guitarist and musician performing with several local artists, including fast-rising hip-hop artist RajiTheOne.

Fluent in a variety of styles and genres, David prefers playing jazz and blues as he considers those his strongest styles. As the Official Sponsor of The Hat Parade, we can't wait to share our excitement for this summertime event for a wonderful cause!

Alex Cole and view his work, enjoy auditory ambiance by David Wallace, and mingle with our creative community! Kyle is an emerging freelance artist that explores his creative path using pencil, ink and acrylic paint.

He believes that art can serve as a strong indicator of a society's value system. He creates with this in mind, satisfying an inner calling to create by sharing relevant parts of his experience with the world through visual, pictorial means.

Focusing on a theme of environmental conversation in a wider spectrum, the main subject matter of his recent work is birds.

Working with birds has provided him with a platform to develop his style and be able to see his progress over time. As he continues on this artistic journey he strives to push himself in all areas of his life, and to maintain a sense of awe and wonder towards the mundane.

Lakewood Cemetery is a local Minneapolis band that includes Dan Krzykowski on the guitar and Katrina Schleismana performing vocals. They recently released a new album that covers ground from classic country to alternative rock, and features tight two part harmony throughout.

Meet artist Kyle Voigtlander and view his work, enjoy auditory ambiance by Lakewood Cemetery, and mingle with our creative community!

Absorbed in the world of painting techniques Genevieve discovered she doesn't use the medium traditionally.

She paints tightly and with precision, especially in the portrayal of a person. Once the subject is accurately interpreted through her eyes, the creativity drifts in when she 'dresses up' the paintings in flowing whimsical and colorful embellishment s, sprouting unexpectedly yet demanding equal attention as the subject.

Her prowess as an artist is often shown in striking images of women whom evoke strong yet fragile feelings in the observer. Music has always played a big part in Donnie Stellmaker's life, giving context to and providing a cultural marker for just about every event in his life.

Donnie has been dj'ing in some way or another for over 20 years. Doesn't beiieve in genres except good and not good. Does believe in the power of music to make everything better.

For the unfamiliar, think of it as the best song Kenny Loggins never recorded. May in the Gallery: Matthew Gaulke has been experiementing with art since gradeschool, from comic book characters to oil painting, and most recently marker drawing.

Through the turbulence of life, including finding and later losing faith in religion, Matthew has found that making art is the only thing that gives his life meaning Next to family and pizza.

His current inspiration comes from super models because he finds them to be both unique looking and beautiful, which is what he hopes to achieve with his own art -- something unique but still beautiful.

His collection of marker-drawn portriats will include a range of stripped down line drawings and drawing brilliantly placed shapes, color and shading, leading the viewer to engage with the depth and intricacy of the figure.

Matthew tries not to over think his art, but rather just have fun with his creations and share that with others.

Jeff has over a decade of strong roots in all that is House Music, and a flair for that deep ish.

Focusing on what moves the soul and combining influences, to create memorable sounds with those essential vibes. Meet Artist Matthew Gaulke and view his work, enjoy a special soulful DJ set from Jeff Swiff, nosh on complimentary snacks and libations, and mingle with our creative community.

Bethany Birnie takes ordinary life and molds it into a whimsical dreamscape through photography, painting, sculpture, and taxidermy. The notion that she has the power to change the world around her into whatever she wishes is her main inspiration.

During the month of April Bethany will be showing her original works of painting, photography, and taxidermy. Please join us this month for Rhythm and Red-- A monthly showcase of local art and music.

Meet Artist Bethany Birnie while viewing her work, enjoy auditory ambiance by Minneapolis' Carey Keavy, enjoy small bites and libations, while networking with our artistic community.

He believes that such transformation opens the heart even deeper into the wonders of life. The symbols in his work have no particular intentional meaning but are playful inquiries into the joys within the viewer.

Within the work, that the symbols, and the background abstraction, are painted in a manner that evokes a deeper presence within the self.

The paintings in this collection are titled as questions which intend to further evoke an attitude of exploration. James' philosophy on living his life is the same as how he paints: Please join us this month for, Rhythm and Red-- A monthly showcase of local art and music.

Meet Artist, James Foreman, view his work, enjoy auditory ambiance by Sarah Morris, indulge in complimentary treats, and converse with great company.

Buy your tickets at theredaffair. Richard Moody will selected the best dressed woman and man wearing red. February in the Gallery:: Jodi Bee has a BFA in studio art: She creates colorful and inspirational art ranging from mixed media to mandalas to paintings and illustrations.

Whether she's pulling together images, painting or drawing, she finds inspiration all around her. She collects and processes used books, cutting them apart and filing the images she likes.

In her February exhibition you will get to experience how she shuffles images together that seem to relate or connect somehow - perhaps in feeling, color or narrative.

This body of highly detailed collage work emphasizes geometry. An almost musical movement is created by repeating shapes in a rhythmical sequence.

Circles are a common link among this body of work, representing wholeness, completeness and purity. Circles are the most important and universal geometric symbol because it is implicit in other important symbols such as the sacred halo, the face of a clock, the ring, the life cycle, as well as the stars and planets of our cosmos.

The subject matter explores the sublime feelings of awe and wonder, and depict the transcendant moment of altered consciousness that unifies and unveils our human experience with others.

She has traveled from coast to coast and abroad, performing and drawing inspiration out of every experience. Over the years, she has released 6 solo albums, and is currently in the pre-production stages of her next release!

Krista Wanous The Artist: Krista Wanous is based in Minneapolis, MN. She believes "Art Heals" and has used that phrase as her life motto.

Her paintings will be on display in the Jungle Red Gallery during the month of January. What a perfect pairing as we head into the darker colder months in our home state.

Winter in Minnesota is devoid of color and the eye is forced to notice the raw beauty in shadow and light. Likewise, these female perspectives show the range and variance of feminine emotion and their moments of light and darkness.

Each piece is handcrafted with a variety of materials; acrylic paints, ink and stains, aerosol paints, metallic flecks and glitter. He has played in the band Stook!

She may paint murals one day, while arranging flowers the next. Join us in welcoming JobyLynn to the Gallery for an exhibit of photography during the month of December.

Nick is an avid supporter of original MN music. Be prepared to hear some lyrically-driven, americana style tunes from Nick on the Jungle Red Stage!

November in the Gallery:: He is influenced by wabi-sabi. Often associated with the aesthetic of the Japanese tea ceremony, wabi-sabi recognizes beauty in the imperfect, worn, aged, faded, simple or crude.

Postina will be playing a live acoustic set for us on the Jungle Red Stage. Tony Stauber Woodcraft Tony will be showcasing his hand-made, wood-work for home decor.

These items will be available for purchase. Having travelled extensively through Italy and Mexico has provided much inspiration for her.

In addition to her month-long installation in the Gallery, she will be bringing some high quality Giclee prints and cards for the Opening Night.

His catalog includes hundreds of Rock, Pop, and Acoustic hits from the last 50 years. This evening he will perform themed sets and conclude with songs by request.

As always, this is a FREE event! Bring your friends to experience art, share a glass of wine, and connect.

Patrick Lomantini, creator of BarkAid and master stylist, is in his third year of traveling around the country giving haircuts to raise money for 50 animal shelters in need.

Funds raised will help MARS care for the more than adoptable pets waiting for forever homes. All ages, local or visiting, willing to help support this nationally known cause.

Appointments can be made; not required. BarkAID, established in , is a self-funded, registered c3 non-profit organization based out of the State of Kansas.

Its mission is to raise funds and awareness for homeless animals, as well as educate people about what is happening with animals in their communities.

BarkAID raises funds for shelters and pet adoption organizations in all 50 States. He creates luminous photographs, geometric light box illuminations, videos, paintings and mixed media installations.

His art work represents the quintessential contemporary art movement making use of creative technology that is changing the way art is viewed today.

Wednesday, September 2nd, 7: Kristi is fascinated with the use of color, pattern and texture. She combines these three elements in an innovative and exciting way through her artwork.

Her first piece in the series, Audrey, was inspired by New York street artist Tristen Eaton and lead her to create more "pop art" style portraits of influential people in the public and in her life personally.

Materials such as lace, foils and chalk are brought together to create a unique feel of texture. More fun is in store when the Flaunt Accessories gals will be rolling through for a pop up during the party!

We can't wait to add their shopping experience to our evening's events! Wednesday August 5th 7: See you all there! The 26th Annual Polo Classic is a day filled with non-stop entertainment and activities including fantastic food and wonderful wines, sponsor product showcases and demonstrations, games, music, fashion and more.

Jungle Red Salon is back this year sponsoring the fourth annual Hat Parade. Stop by the Jungle Red tent prior to the start of the match to qualify and to meet our team of professional stylists who will judge the fashion competition.

The winners will be selected during the first half of the match and all prizes will be presented on the Hat Parade stage during half time.

Buy your tickets here: Jungle Red Salon Spa Gallery is proud to present Preview to The Polo Classic! It's time to get excited for The Polo Classic and we are proud to be a 3rd year sponsor for this annual professional polo match benefiting Gillette Children's Hospital in St.

The 26th annual event will be held Sunday August 2nd, Of course, wine will be served! Introducing our June featured artist:: Duane Elofson Duane will be making his debut in The Jungle Red Gallery featuring rich color and texture on canvas with landscape and natural world subjects.

Upon entering retirement, Duane has committed himself to his artistic creation full time. Layering Spackle mixed with pigments helps creates his structural and textural paintings.

Color also plays a large role in his work. Birch trees are of particular influence to him as is the emotions behind photographs of nature.

Come drink, snack, dance and mingle with our community while supporting local artists. Wednesday, May 6th at 7pm-9pm Where: Art, music and good company along with complimentary wine and appetizers.

Can't wait to kick off the Summer with all of you! See you on the 3rd! Introducing our May featured artist:: Benjamin Flint Ben will be returning to the Jungle Red Gallery during May for a second exhibition due to the popularity of his artwork.

Having been drawn to art and healing all of his life, Ben is able to use meditation practices to create art that helps others heal. Come dance and mingle with our community while supporting local artists.

We can't wait to welcome Ben back to the Jungle Red Gallery! See you next week! Pose on the red carpet, indulge in complimentary food samples from the Best Of award-winning restaurants and dance to live music.

Click Here For Tickets! Thursday, April 23rd VIP: We are excited to introduce our April featured artist: Sydney Hintz "Painting women is one of my most intriguing processes because they have, fortunately and unfortunately, an inescapable aesthetic.

You know we love our furry friends around here Come check out their booth with items for sale and info about the store which won the Small Business of the Year Award!

Wednesday April 1st at 7pm-9pm Where: View Sydney's art in person, meet and greet her, listen to live music and enjoy complimentary wine with appetizers.

See you all next Wednesday evening! Rock the Cause Inc. Jungle Red will also be bringing FotoBomb photo booth, complete with an array of far-out props for you to capture your inner go-go style.

A Tribute To Donovan due to land later this spring. Rock the Cause Records works with a variety of nonprofits and charities.

Questions contact Shannon or Scott at rockstar irockthecause. Introducing our March artist: Paul, Rachel is a full time artist, emerging curator and is an active member of the Lowertown First Fridays Committee.

He's fresh off of a performance at our fundraiser event, The RED Affair, and we can't wait to feature him again next Wednesday!

Your chace to come in and check out Rachel's art in person, enjoy complinetary wine, appetizers and live music!

Minneapolis, MN When: Wednesday March 4th from 7pm-9pm We're looking forward to hosting her art all month long in the gallery so be sure to come down and check it out!

Avenues provides short-term housing and support services to homeless youth in our community to help them stabilize, address their crisis needs, and start addressing long-term goals.

Added to this, the overwhelming power of legends attracted conquistadors from halfway across the world in search of the gilded man of El Dorado, while explorers throughout the centuries have searched in vain for the women tribes of the Amazon Peru and numerous lost cities: Today the Amazon yields few of its past secrets.

Unfortunately the heat, together with the damp and acid soils of the rainforest, conspire to decompose organic remains quickly before they can fossilize.

Human fossils are virtually absent from the lowland regions, so we have practically no certain clues as to how and when people arrived in the area.

Likewise, without animal fossils it is difficult to reconstruct ancient faunas and so we are denied the human picture in its ecological context.

Aboriginal peoples of the Americas are believed to have arrived on the continent around 15 , years ago, between the two most recent ice ages. Migrating east and southwards, the hunter-gatherers made their way across the isthmus of Central America down to South America.

This wave of migration gave rise to the Olmec, Maya and A2tec civilizations of Central America which flourished from BC until the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors in the early s.

In the eastern coastal regions and highlands of South America the Chimu and Inca, along with many other cultures, left ample architectural and cultural artefacts for us to ponder.

In the last twenty years, chance discoveries and finds of stone tools and ceramics have suggested that large populations were established on the flood plains near the current city of Manaus by BC.

Some authorities believe humans have been in the Amazon much longer than formerly thought. David Childress, recounting The Chronicle of Akaka, describes advanced civilizations and lost cities in the Amazon dating back over 12, years ago.

Squawking raucously, they wheel through the air before landing together on the river bank to eat clay. This breathtaking display can only be seen where there is undisturbed rainforest with healthy populations of wild macaws, as in southeast Peru.

Orinoco geese and large horned screamers can also be seen along clear streams near the Andean foothills. Comfortable accommodation is provided at the macaw clay lick in manu national park and sandoval lake and tambopata tours.

Small mammals, the bats and rodents that venture our only at night, are much less likely to attract attention. They should not be ignored, however, as they make up the majority of the mammalian diversity in Manu, are a significant prey base for large predators, and are extremely important in maintaining plant diversity via their roles as seed dispersers and seed predators.

We see ecotourism as a mean of preserving nature by providing sustainable development for the communities that live surrounding natural habitats like Manu National Park.

We visit a special site of the Manu National Park — a private reserve of Manu Maquisapayoq and Manu Blanquillo, situated in the southern part of the park!

We discover there some paths going through this virgin part of the jungle manu center. To get there, we use the newly paved Interoceanic Highway for the most of the travel followed by a much shorter travel on the Madre de Dios River by motorboat..

Blanquillo offers perfect conditions to observe river otters in a nearby lake and macaws, parrots and parakeets in one of the best clay licks of Manu Center!!.

Tours in Manu Maquisapayoq is an exceptional clay-lick serving to tapirs and other animals to eat clay! The biological station of Cocha Cachu allows to carry out different researches on biological species.

Around Quechua and Amazonian peoples are living inside the Reserve. The Manu National Park is concerned by 3 major biogeographically provinces the Puna, the Yungas and the Amazonian provinces.

All told, over 27, square miles 70, km2 of the Peruvian Amazon trail has been deforested to date, an area roughly four times the size of the Manu Biosphere Reserve; , additional acres , hectares are deforested every year within the Amazon rainforest.

A mysterious, almost prehistoric look to the landscape is provided by the often common presence of tree ferns. They are true ferns, but they grow to the size of small trees.

Small ferns are also often abundant. Mosses, lichens and ferns are some of the oldest plants on earth and interestingly, they all depend upon mobile sperm for sexual reproduction.

Of course this process is inextricably linked to the watery origins of these plants in Manu Peruvian Jungle with the travel agency and tourism Manu Jungle Trips to see the Amazon jungle of Peru.

With cool temperatures and abundant moisture, generally there is low evapotranspiration.

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